Current Graduate Students

Mariah Romero, PhD Student Romero2

2018-M.S. Geology, Purdue University

2015-B.S. Geosciences, University of Arizona

Mariah is a first year PhD student. She is interested in evaluating and comparing the early sedimentary record of ancient and modern forearc basins from various orogenic regions on multiple continents. Her current research focuses on the initiation and development of the Mesozoic San Joaquin sedimentary basin in central California. To better understand the onset of deposition and provenance of the basal stratigraphy of the San Joaquin basin, she is using a combination of sedimentary basin analysis, detrital zircon U-Pb geochronology, apatite fission track (AFT) and apatite/zircon (U-Th)/He thermochronology, geochemistry, and traditional field work.

Current Undergraduate Students

Undergrads-01Chance, Saré, Sophie and John are studying the provenance of Paleozoic-Mesozoic sedimentary rocks exposed in the Bridger Range, northeast of Bozeman and in the subsurface in central Montana.

PhD Committee Member:

Caden Howlett (MSU)

Aislin Reynolds (MSU)

Christopher Schiller (MSU)

Gourab Bhattacharya (University of Alabama)

Audrey Warren (UNLV)

Former Students 

Sarah Massar (MSU, B.S. 2018) Now a “Geoscientist in the Park” at John Day Fossil Beds National Monument

Matthew Yaeger (MSU, B.S. Expected Fall 2018)