August 2016

The Summer flew by with days filled with exploring the western U.S. Here are a few photos from the summer of baseball, weddings, research and grant writing.

July 2015

I successfully defended my PhD dissertation on 27 July 2015! It was great to see so many supportive friends and colleagues in the audience as I shared the results from four years of hard, but very fun, work! Thank you to all who came out!


Three of my amazing advisors: Peter DeCelles, Barbara Carrapa (primary advisor), me, and Paul Kapp.


Showing Peter Reiners and Barbara Carrapa my expert use of hand motions before my defense talk. Note Pete’s “I need coffee face”.

May 2015

I recently visited the beautiful island of St. Kitts. My visit to the island as a child is a bit of a blurry memory, but on this visit I was in awe at the geology of this volcanic island, the differences between the Atlantic and Caribbean Oceans, and the amazing people with whom I interacted.


Basalt on the northern tip of the island


Looking south to Nevis

February 2015


Sunrise on my morning lap

I recently competed in a 24 hour mountain bike race in Tucson with many fellow geoscientists! Check out the story of this years event here:

September 2014

Here are some recent photos from my trip to Europe where I travelled in England, presented at Thermo2014 in Chamonix, and spent time working with colleagues at ETH Zürich and Universiteit Utrecht.


William Froude’s home


Tower of London honoring those lost in WWI and WWII


Thermochronologists and sedimentologists in Chamonix, France


The Mer de Glace Glacier


View from ETH Zürich looking southwest