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Selected Presentations (*student):

Orme, D.A., Laskowski, A.K., Cai, F., Ding, L., Discovery of two new sedimentary successions along the India-Asia collision zone, Tibet, Geological Society of America, Indianapolis, IN, October 2018. Talk.

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Orme, D.A., Carrapa, B., DeCelles, P.G., Evolution of sedimentary basins along the Indus-Yarlung Suture Zone, southern Tibet: Implications for the timing of the iniial stages of the India-Asia Collision, Geological Society of America, Vancouver, B.C., October 2014. Invited Talk. 

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Orme, D.A., and Carrapa, B., Basin Evolution and Exhumation of the Xigaze Forearc, southern Tibet: Insight from field stratigraphy and thermochronology. Geological Society of America Penrose Conference: Deformation, Fluid Flow, and Mass Transfer in the Forearc of Convergent Margins, Italy, March 2012. Poster 

Orme, D.A. and Reiners, P.W., Effects of External Parent Nuclides on Apatite Helium Dates: Sources and Solutions. 12th International Conference on Thermochronology, Scotland, August 2010. Poster. Best Student Poster Presentation Award.